In today's economic climate, all Companies are now finding they have to tighten their financial belt.
As with all roles in an office, whether it be Payroll, Wages, Book-keeping, Accounts etc you may well have to employ several people to undertake these roles.

When your Payroll Clerk leaves, someone must take over that role. What would you do? :-
1) Take on another employee at, say, £16,000 per year?
2) 'Employ the services of an external agency' who will charge a mere fraction of the cost of an employee? (saving your Company approx £15,000 per year).

Only someone with experience of Personal Tax, Wage Slips, HMRC Regulations etc, can undertake such a task.

An experienced, and qualified Company such as Dragon Payroll Services, will process your Payroll at competitive rates. As Dragon Payroll Services is an On-line Payroll Service, costs are kept to a minimum.